Look to North America Traffic for efficient long-term traffic control solutions

PTL 2.4x Portable Traffic Signal

With a highly visible dual head design and robust engineered components, the PTL 2.4x is ideal for long-duration projects such as bridge and road reconstruction where it can run autonomously, unattended, 24/7.

RCF 3.4 Portable Lane Control Signal

The RCF 3.4 features a single-head, compact design, ideal for autonomous, unattended operation on side-roads, driveways, and other low-volume applications.

Each year more than 5,000 people worldwide die in work zones. North America Traffic specializes in quality traffic control systems that protect workers and drivers in work zones during long-term projects. North America Traffic manufactures battery-powered, solar assisted portable traffic signals that are ideally suited for extended run-times applications.

Long-Term Traffic Solutions

PTL 2.4x Portable Temporary Traffic Signal (PTTS): The reliable dual-head PTL 2.4x portable traffic signal is engineered for safety in work-zones, cross roads and intersections..

RCF 3.4 Portable Lane Control Signal (PLCS): Get workers working and traffic moving quickly with the single-head, user-friendly RCF 3.4. The RCF 3.4 can be used as a PLCS or a PTTS.

Depending on your application, you may choose to add peripheral devices such as microwave traffic sensors, video presence detection, remote monitoring service (cellular or satellite) for fault notification, emergency vehicle pre-emption, illumination kits, and more.

North America Traffic manufactures traffic signals and Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs) for short-term applications as well.