North America Traffic core values promote pride

If North America Traffic were a person, it would be the kind of worker who hasn’t missed a day of work in years; the one who finishes the details that others forgot; the worker who takes pride in each day’s accomplishments.

The staff of North America Traffic believe in the quality of our products, and strive to live up to these ideals as described by Peter Vieveen, President. “We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality, customer service and support. These values manifest in our world-leading products and in our pride.”

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Our Core Values


As a team, hard work and focused purpose is the backbone of our company’s growth success.


We are open to new ideas and are able and willing to customize our products to suit our customers’ need.

Sense of pride

Employees are proud to represent our company – we hear it on the streets and feel it in their hearts.


The commitment we see from employees to the company instills a feeling of pride and trust.


Doing the right thing in everything we do is reflected in our product quality, customer service and support.